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(Environmental and Social Governance)

ESG forms a particularly important and indeed central component of our overall Company Strategy at SLEATER SOLUTIONS. Our adherence to strong and measurable environmental, social and governance commitments is very evident across all aspects of our business; from our internal operations right through to all of our projects in multiple industries, across many different geographical, economic, cultural and political regions.

Focusing on the environmental strand of our ESG efforts, we are acutely aware of the global climate challenges the world now faces. For us, it is always key that we make the best possible choices for how we run our own business; and how we can bring added value to our clients in terms of promoting environmentally sustainable project solutions at every available opportunity. Our operations are always subject to these considerations because our management systems, processes and procedures actively promote this culture.

From a social and governance perspective, we are very aware that our single greatest asset is our team. We have a collaborative working process, within and outside our business, with a strong focus on using positive communication to harness creative energy. Our internal policies are specifically designed to ensure that our people are always provided with opportunities, while the correct level of mentor support is also always made available. For our industry clients and partners, we ensure that communication is always maintained at a high level and that this culture is maintained at all times.

Away from our day-to-day work operations, we also like to play  an active role within the communities in which we work; and we support a number of charitable, recreational, and sporting initiatives as part of this broader commitment to meaningful social endeavours.


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