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& Spares

Delivering Maintenance Services: 

  • Providing customised maintenance contracts to ensure the ongoing reliability and performance of industrial machinery; delivering scheduled preventive maintenance visits, minimising downtime and extending the lifespan of equipment  


Delivering 24/7 Technical Support: 

  • Dedicating a 24/7 technical support team to promptly address client concerns and provide remote assistance for troubleshooting, ensuring a rapid response system to minimise disruptions in case of unexpected machinery issues


Supplying Spare Parts: 

  • Maintaining an inventory of genuine spare parts for supported industrial machinery model, and providing a reliable and efficient supply chain, to ensure quick availability of critical components, reducing downtime during repairs


Upgrading and Retrofitting Equipment: 

  • Providing upgrade packages and retrofitting solutions to enhance the capabilities, and extend the lifespan of existing industrial machinery; completing consultations to assess the feasibility of upgrades based on evolving industry standards or specific client needs


Hosting Training Programmes for Maintenance Teams: 

  • Delivering training programmes for the client's maintenance teams, to ensure they are well-equipped to handle routine inspections, repairs, and replacements


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