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Our Company

SLEATER SOLUTIONS’ roots date back to 2002, when we established our business in direct response to a growing demand for automation solutions across the industrial engineering sector in Ireland. Beginning with a small, but very dedicated team of individuals, our journey has been one of steady growth and measurable success.

Over two decades on from our inception, we have developed into a larger organisation; with an extended suite of solution offerings for clients across the food and beverage, manufacturing, automotive, medical device, pharmaceutical, renewable, and commercial sectors. Specialising in engineering, automation and software solutions, we focus our expertise on addressing the very intricate needs of modern industries in Ireland, mainland Europe, the Middle East, and beyond.

As we continue to deliver new and innovative solutions to the industries we work within, our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction remains unwavering. This is best reflected in our dedication to both fostering talent and maintaining a consistently collaborative working culture with our clients.

Our focus continues to be on providing real cutting-edge solutions that save our clients on both capital and operational expenditure. This single focus has provided us with a very good standing across all our industries.

We take pride in our ability to understand our clients, to understand their challenges, and to really improve their business in a very specific and measurable way.

Our Brand

Sleater Solutions White Logo

The SLEATER SOLUTIONS brand and logo is based on two key concepts:


Our Roots - We were established at the foot of Knocknarea in Co. Sligo, in the North West of Ireland. Our logo represents the summit of this iconic location, crowned by the great cairn of Queen Maeve, with the accompanying trails tailing off at it's highest point:


Our Purpose - Our name, and our logo, are very much interwoven. As well as representing our roots, our logo also represents our purpose. Providing solutions and unlocking impasses to save our clients expenditure (both capital and operational) is what we do! Our logo serves as a representation of this 'unlocking' purpose, capturing the bow and shoulder elements of a key:


To find out more about our solutions, click here or get in touch by clicking the link below.

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